So you just like sell carpet?


Many of my friends from all over the place have recently been asking me what I’m up to. When I tell them where I work or what I’m actually doing (I’m still working on my personal elevator pitch), this is the typical response I get:

“Wait, so you just like sell carpet?”

“Just like sell carpet?” HA. I’ve learned many things from 3 weeks of full-time employment in the home goods industry, but a realization I have daily is that most people my age (college students and young professionals) have ZERO appreciation for high-end carpets and fabrics. But why should they? This attitude is perfectly reasonable because when have we ever had to buy something nice besides work clothes for our internship? As my girls at DSI helped teach me, interior design and home furnishing is an art – “Fashion for the home” as I like to say. Truth is that until you have to decorate your living space with something you DON’T plan on trashing, it COULDN’T MATTER LESS what design and material is under your feet. This needs to change.

Why is an Hermes bag sexier than a silk contemporary rug when the elite feeling and high price tag are the same? I had the pleasure of attending an event at the prestigious international rug artist Jan Kath’s NY gallery after the ICFF on Monday (which was awesome btw), and how can you tell me this rug isn’t sexy? As someone who thinks he’s good at marketing and branding, I am making it my mission to educate Generation Y on how sexy (I love that word right now) this industry is. The entire industry – not just Stark – needs to work together to show young people how cool we really are.

And as to whether I, “just like sell carpets” you tell me. Does someone at Hermes “just like sell bags?” Come on people. Once I figure out how to express my job description in words, you’ll see it on here. Stay tuned.

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2 thoughts on “So you just like sell carpet?

  1. Bryan Lee says:

    You go man! I faced the same issue too. I run an e-commerce store that sells bicycle accessories. My frens also said “what! U quit ur job just to sell bikes!” hahaha

    Looking forward to hear more from u.


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