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Steve Jobs’ Opinion of Mark Zuckerberg

Walter Isaacson, author of “Steve Jobs” talks to Bloomberg’s Betty Liu about what Steve Jobs thought of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. They speak on Bloomberg Television’s “In the Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Click here to watch the video

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House Beautiful’s 2012 Color Trends


I felt compelled to make another post about color since my last post seemed to catch people’s eyes.

House Beautiful releases an annual Color Issue that takes an in-depth look at the year’s color trends. This information presented is based on an in-depth survey of 4000+ House Beautiful readers, design bloggers, and other professional designers. Fortunately for us, the results are displayed in a very friendly way with lots of color! 

The top image shows how color trends vary regionally in the United States. Keep reading below to see the favorite paint colors for 2012 and how color preferences change from room to room in a house. I find this piece so interesting because color is a very subjective topic and everyone has their own opinion. My favorite color right now is blue – based on the map above, maybe it’s a sign that I should move to California!

To gain more insights (like why people think pink is “over”), pick up the September issues of House Beautiful. It’s on stands now!



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Unique and Colorful House for’s Founder


My favorite designs are ones that really catch my eye, and this house definitely stands out. Color, modern art, and rare furniture truly make this house unique.

It’s not a surprise that Bradford Shane Shellhammer has an incredible weekend home he shares with his partner, Georgi Balinov. After all, he is a co-founder and the Chief Design Officer of the design-centric flash-sale retailer “I have a shopping problem, always have,” said Mr. Shellhammer, 36, who might be one of his company’s best customers. “I pieced together the house on Fab.”

These pictures were taken by Trevor Tondro for a great New York Times article. Enjoy!

unique colorgul apartment 2 ideas

unique colorgul apartment 3 ideas

unique colorgul apartment 4 ideas

unique colorgul apartment 5 ideas

unique colorgul apartment 7 ideas

unique colorgul apartment 8 ideas

unique colorgul apartment 9 ideas

unique colorgul apartment 12 ideas


unique colorgul apartment 13 ideas


unique colorgul apartment 14 ideas

unique colorgul apartment 15 ideas

unique colorgul apartment 19 ideas


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Bringing it Back #oldschool #highschool

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Aspen in the Summer #nosnow

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Rapid Charger at Airport #greatidea

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Electric Beach at Santos NYC

Looks like I’m DJing with Sebastian Drums this Saturday in NYC.

Electric Beach is a weekly Saturday Night EDM Party at Santos Party House in Downtown NY. Each week they bring in major and up-and-coming EDM Producers from all around the world. This weekend, they are bringing me.

International DJ Sebastien Drums is no stranger to live performances. He is best known for his mega-hit “My Feelings For You,” coproduced by the infamous Avicii. I will be supporting Sebastian as well as premiering 2 of my new singles that will be released in 2013. Check out our recent mixes below in this Joonbug article.

Sebastien Drums and Chad Stark To Headline Electric Beach.

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