8 Spaces You’ll Be Thinking About Tomorrow

Stunning Spaces

My good friends at Arcadian Home found 8 great rooms that you will be thinking about tomorrow. Check out their guest blog post below!

Hello, everyone! It’s Mari here with a guest post from Arcadian Home blog. It’s a fantastic place to find interior design inspiration including great decorating ideas for everything from intriguing wall art to beautiful buffet lamps.

Todays guest post is all about unforgettable rooms–spaces you just might be thinking about tomorrow. Most of the eight images we’ve selected are not new to the online design community. But, for lots of different reasons, they’re simply interesting and hard to forget. By the way, back in July Chad published a post about Jamie Drakeís NYC apartment with several spaces you’re probably still thinking about. I know I am: especially his red bedroom, which just keeps running through my head.

Since each of us is not captivated by the same interior designs, here a eight intriguing rooms in different styles and color palettes. We hope you’ll find at least one space you’ll be thinking about tomorrow. Please enjoy!

~ Mari

Stunning Spaces

Designer John Saladino created this Manhattan apartment home office/guest room in deep red Maya Romanoff wallpaper and Keleen leather. How can something so beautiful be extremely functional too? The long daybed that;s just right for the office becomes a comfortable king-size bed when guests arrive.

Stunning Spaces

Months after first encountering the photo, actor Gerard Butler’s converted warehouse kitchen keeps returning to mind. Itís an unexpected mix of Old World style and today’s high-end appliances. Rather than adding a heavy wrought iron light fixture or a sleek modern pendant light, a glamorous crystal chandelier was chosen instead to hang above the center island.

Stunning Spaces

From a unique celebrity kitchen, we turn to a contemporary home office in an Australian development display suite. So different from the previous space, but just as captivating in its own way. It’s a beautiful light-filled space.

Stunning Spaces

Jean Louis Deniot designed this not soon forgotten small jewel of a dining room. An eclectic space with wonderful metallic-striped wallpaper (by Callidus Guild) hung horizontally and spotted gray rug refuses to go away.  

Stunning Spaces

Totally contemporary and infused with artistic color, this loft living room with massive over-scale artwork is at once quirky and sophisticated, and quite memorable.

Stunning Spaces

With a floating Cloud of a modern pendant lighting fixture from Apparatus and walls covered in Strata wallpaper from Zak + Fox, this stunning dining room cannot be easily forgotten. It’s the result of a perfect meeting of design minds.

Stunning Spaces

Going in an entirely different direction, the living room of a modern bachelor pad is unexpectedly appealing. From the shaggy blue faux fur pillows on industrial looking contemporary chairs to the mysterious large-scale masks on the wall, this one is rustic and altogether memorable.

Stunning Spaces

In the same home as the living room above and with the same color palette, the rustic yet modern bedroom also has that same hard to define unforgettable quality.

Which space might you be thinking about tomorrow? Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

What do you think of these spaces? Leave us your thoughts and come by our blog for more home decor, pendant lighting, and wonderful interior designs!

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3 thoughts on “8 Spaces You’ll Be Thinking About Tomorrow

  1. Sasha Nis says:

    awesome blog post… ill be sure to check that out asap.

  2. The dining room with Strata wallpaper from Zak + Fox is to die for. I’ve been love love loving that wallpaper.

    Surrounded by Pretty

  3. nadieg says:

    Loving the kitchen and bedroom shots! Inspiring? I think so

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