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14 Ridiculous Home Accessories You Can’t Live Without

All of these inventions are pretty smart. I think I like #3 the most – would use it on the regular!

1. Egg Minder

Egg Minder
Quirky / Via

What it is: A Wi-Fi-enabled tray that tells you how many eggs you have and when they’re expiring.
Why you need it: How many times have you been at the grocery store and wondered how many eggs you have at home? At least ONCE, right?
How much it costs: $49, on sale from $79

2. Porkfolio

Quirky / Via

What it is: A piggy bank with an app that tracks how much the bank holds.
Why you need it: A heavy piggy bank can hold $5 of pennies or $100 of quarters. You need to know if you’re hitting up fast food or gourmet for dinner!
How much it costs: $49.99

3. Champagne Sabre

Champagne Sabre

Fab / Via

What it is: A sword for slicing the top off a bottle of champagne.
Why you need it: Nothing is more badass than going all ninja on a pricy champagne bottle. So Great Gatsby.
How much it costs: $149.95

4. Aros

Quirky / Via

What it is: Wi-Fi and GPS sensitive air conditioner.
Why you need it: Aros learns as you use it, so it changes temperature based on the day of the week, time of the day, weather outside, where you currently are, and how much money it’s costing you to cool your house.
How much it costs: $300

5. Madison Fireplace

Madison Fireplace

Fab / Via

What it is: A standalone fireplace.
Why you need it: Nothing says “high life” like a fireplace in every room. With a standalone, you can just move the one fireplace into whatever room you’re in. It’s basically the same.
How much it costs: $399

6. Birillo Towel Stand

Birillo Towel Stand

Fab / Via

What it is: A shiny towel rack. Maybe the SHINIEST towel rack.
Why you need it: Only heathens put their towels on the floor.
How much it costs: $410, ya baller.

7. Diamond Clock

Diamond Clock

Fab / Via

What it is: A clock, shaped like a diamond.
Why you need it: Who doesn’t want to live in a turn-of-the-century bachelor pad?
How much it costs: $520

8. aFrame

TruAudio / Via

What it is: A high-quality speaker disguised as a framed piece of art.
Why you need it: Even the most beautiful speakers look like speakers. UNTIL NOW.
How much it costs: A cool $600, no big.

9. Organic Wool Herringbone Blankets

Organic Wool Herringbone Blankets

Coyuchi / Via

What it is: A king-sized throw.
Why you need it: It’s full-on “The Princess and the Pea.” How can you sleep with anything less than the best?
How much it costs: $1,098 (with free shipping)

10. Green Rainforest Marble Wall Fountain

Green Rainforest Marble Wall Fountain
Adagio / Via

What it is: A marble wall with water cascading down it.
Why you need it: You’re a boss. Game, set, match.
How much it costs: $10,599

11. Pizza Station with Sneeze Guard

Pizza Station with Sneeze Guard
Bon Chef / Via

What it is: A serving station for pizza and pizza-related condiments.
Why you need it: You don’t love pizza, you LIVE pizza. Pizza is your life — it should definitely be the focus of your dining room.
How much it costs: $16,282.20

12. Wedgwood Vase

Wedgwood Vase

Wedgwood / Via

What it is: A vase that you shouldn’t put stuff in.
Why you need it: Nothing says “I’ve made it” like a vase on a pedestal with a display light.
How much it costs: $32,000

13. Lalique Rinceaux Full-Length Mirror

Lalique Rinceaux Full-Length Mirror
Lalique / Via

What it is: A mirror.
Why you need it: To look at yourself.
How much it costs: $30,600. Seriously.

14. Silver Leaf Chandelier

Silver Leaf Chandelier

Louie Lighting / Via

What it is: A 95-inch tall chandelier.
Why you need it: Chandelier = class. A 95-inch chandelier = 95 inches of class.
How much it costs: Are you sitting down? Sit down. $253, 998.

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