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Annual Trip to Nepal & India

Chad in Nepal

A week ago I returned from what has easily become my favorite part of my job: My annual trip to visit our mills in Nepal and India. While in Nepal, I created STARK’s first Instagram Story, giving everyone an inside look at the process of weaving our rugs! We saved the video, as it is a wonderful glimpse into the truly fascinating work our artisans do on a daily basis.

Check it out here: A Visit to Nepal!

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NEW YORK – Stark, which has done business in Nepal for more than five decades, is putting together a comprehensive and multi-pronged effort to provide continued relief to those affected in the Nepal region by the catastrophic April 25th earthquake. In addition to combined efforts with clients and vendors, they have started providing aid by donating close to $20,000 to Machik’s ACHA Himalayan Sisterhood and the American Red Cross.

“We are working on more ways to help and hope that everyone who can will join us in donating to one of these organizations as they continue to work tirelessly toward rebuilding the vital infrastructure and industrial heart of this great nation,” explained Chad Stark, senior vice president. “As a start we donated to Machik’s ACHA Himalayan Sisterhood, which is a grass-roots effort to support artisans from inaccessible villages in remote Nepal. Nepal has 30 million full-time residents and 26 million of them live outside of Kathmandu, traveling to the city regularly to work”.

“They are stuck in the city away from their families. To relieve the post-disaster stress in Kathmandu these people need to return home to help rebuild their villages; that is what our funds are going towards. These artisans will not make any income during these dire times, and we feel it is our responsibility to help them as best we can,” Stark added.

He said that Arthur and Nadia Stark, who founded the company more than 75 years ago, returned to Nepal again and again to source some of the finest carpets in the world. Second generation owners John and Steven Stark continue the tradition, and have now introduced the country’s incredible culture, beauty, and artistry to Ashley and Chad, the next generation. “We have truly never seen more smiles, which is why it is so heartbreaking that these amazing people are now enduring so much loss and pain.”

Stark is developing a greater assistance program as it learns more about relief needed.  The plan is expected to be finalized later this week. “Our hearts go out to everyone affected by the catastrophe in Nepal. We know that most of our closest circle of partners, friends and family there are safe, but the country needs our help.”

To join Stark in its efforts, go to the Machik website’s online form and write “Stark” or “ACHA” in the comments text box to ensure funds go directly to the company’s partner charity organization. To stay up to date with Stark’s efforts and how to help click here.

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