Public Speaking

Presenting an Award at the CC&G IDA Awards

Presenting an Award at the CTC&G IDA Awards

Chad Stark is the Senior Vice President of Stark and an up-and-coming voice within the design industry whose talks at design industry events have been lauded for their passion and fresh perspective. He is a graduate of the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business, where he earned a BBA and minored in the Program in Entrepreneurship at the Engineering School. Today, he oversees day-to-day operations at his family’s company and is focused on bringing Stark into the digital age and keeping it at the forefront of the industry.

A serial entrepreneur, Stark is fascinated by the cross-section of technology, design, and user-experience. While at college, he developed a customizable dorm room rug program as well as a campus bicycle-sharing plan. While he was a DJ, Stark developed a streaming music platform, and as a young businessman, he helped create a conversation-based mobile e-commerce app.

As an emerging thought leader in design, Stark has presented many awards and given several talks on issues that concern the home furnishings industry.  At the Luxury Retail Summit in September 2013, he spoke about how the convergence of technology and design is empowering consumers and what the design industry must do to keep pace.  More recently, at the DFA (Decorative Furnishings Association) in Boston in July 2015, Stark participated in a panel discussion about how DFA and ASID (American Society of Interior Designers) could better collaborate to promote the value of the interior design trade not only to luxury customers, but to a younger, DIY-conscious generation.

Today, as technology continues to evolve the design business providing greater transparency for the end-user, Chad Stark firmly believes that his company and other to-the-trade firms must empower their clients with access to the best information so they may provide the best possible service to the consumer.

To book Chad Stark as a speaker or panelist at an industry event, please contact Michael McGraw at the McGraw Agency,

4 thoughts on “Public Speaking

  1. skylarstark says:

    i didnt realize you were so talented

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  4. I found you online since we have the same last name, and Imm glad I did. Great tracks, keep up the great work. If you ever want a free website demo I would love to give a free demo to a fellow Stark. Happy new year; have and make it a great day.

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