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5 Great Home Improvements available through Service Runner

Service Runner Homepage

It took me about 3 months from the time I moved into my NYC apartment until I felt like it was my home. If only ServiceRunner.com existed back then…

The recent upswing of visually pleasing technologies like Houzz and Pinterest prove that we all spend a good amount of time finding beautiful home interiors that we wish could be our own. A common misconception is that these renovations are too costly, but the fact is it can be done! This is why one of my good friends is working with ServiceRunner.com: a website that can turn your home improvement dreams into reality affordably. The site is a marketplace that matches qualified contractors ( ie “Pros”) to dreamers like me and you across the NY tri-state area, making sure you’re getting the best price for any job.

Here’s are five great home improvements that you can book through Service Runner to make your home look more luxurious without breaking the bank:

1.     An antique TV frame adds simple elegance:

Antique TV Frame

A handyman will be happy to help you with this project

2.     A modest, organic kitchen area:

Rustic Kitchen

A handyman will be happy to help you build your own rustic kitchen

  1. 3.     A minimalist table:

Minimalist Table

Have a carpenter bring some understated aesthetics to your home

  1. 4.     A little outside stonery:

Stone Path

Have a landscaping Pro come enhance your greenery with stones

  1. 5.     A built-in shower shelf will make your life easier (and fancier)

Built-In Shower Shelf

A windows & walls expert will carve a cubby for your bath shower needs




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