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Dreamweaver: Stark Carpet celebrates the art of rug making

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*post adapted from Editor at Large

Stark offered more than a look at its latest collections last Thursday at the Decoration & Design Building when the company hosted a special gathering to celebrate its new showroom. Guests were granted an intimate look at the fascinating rug-making craft while a Stark artisan wove a carpet on a traditional handloom during the event.

Invigorated from an extensive refresh of its showroom on the 11th floor, Stark played cheerful host, entertaining guests with Bellini’s, a DJ and, of course, a look at its wide collection of carpets.


John Stark, Ashley Stark and Newell Turner

“Our new contemporary showroom represents the culmination of many years of work and many trips abroad working on product development directly with our sources,” said Senior Vice President Chad Stark. “Since I joined the company full-time three years ago, I, along with my cousin Ashley Stark, have been working to diversify our product offering to include the highest-end, fashion-forward handmade goods.”

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 9.39.06 PM

Chad Stark and Elizabeth Pyne

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 9.39.26 PM

Kate Kelly Smith, Steven Stark, Brenda Saget Darling and Karen Marks

“More than ever before, we have significant space devoted to rugs with a real wow factor,” he continued. “The response from our clients has been overwhelmingly positive. This new array of product is truly incredible, leading to a significant increase in that end of our business.”

As striking as it is innovative, Stark’s opulent new collection of contemporary rugs, such as Nairamat, features top quality Tibetan and Moroccan area rugs that are hand-woven from wool, silk, bamboo silk and jute.

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 9.39.56 PMScreen Shot 2014-10-15 at 9.41.36 PM

Sherrill Canet, Ashley Stark, Angela Jett and Clint Smith

“It’s fascinating because you see the handwork done along with how time- consuming it is to produce one of these rugs,” said Sherrill Canet who has designed rugs for Stark. “It’s quite a process.”

Notable attendees included members of the Stark family including John Stark, Andrea Stark, Steven Stark, Candice Stark, Chad Stark and Ashley StarkHouse Beautiful Editor in Chief Newell Turner, Hearst Senior Vice President Kate Kelly Smith, Veranda Advertising Manager Angela Jett and designers Caleb Anderson, Harry Heissman, Sherrill Canet and John Douglas Eason.

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 9.41.00 PMNewell Turner, Caleb Anderson and Eleftherios Kardmakis

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 9.40.32 PM

Jon Walker, Leslie Miller, Edward Haleman, Angella Jett and Jean Luc Lenoir-Grieser

“The contemporary rug selections are an impressive and diverse mix of gorgeous colors, patterns and textures,” said Anderson. “Saturated abstract compositions, shimmering metallic weaves, neutral geometric—there is an elegant choice for any modern interior. The well-curated displays give an artistic visibility and ease to an otherwise overwhelming number of beautiful options.”

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The Fancy adds same-day delivery in NYC to encourage impulse buys

Email I got this morning from The Fancy

Email I got this morning from The Fancy

My favorite website just got even better. The Fancy, a social e-commerce startup, just added some kick-ass features to their service (see the email I got from them this morning). Below is a post about how this new functionality fits into this evolving industry from Eliza Kern at Gigaom.

The Fancy plans to add same-day delivery on items shipped to customers in New York City, as a way to differentiate the design-oriented e-commerce company, and to get customers to take the plunge and make a purchase.


The Fancy

Just last week, I wrote that one of the biggest challenges for design-oriented e-commerce companies like Fab and The Fancy isn’t pleasing the user or helping them discover cool products — the companies have those experiences down. Rather, it’s getting the user to actually hit “buy” for items they want, but maybe don’t immediately need.

On Tuesday, The Fancy plans to announce same-day delivery in Manhattan for no additional cost, with plans to expand throughout NYC, which the company hopes will push the consumer a little closer toward completing those transactions.

The Fancy is a NYC-based e-commerce company that sells high-end and design-oriented home, fashion, and travel items. In quickly browsing the site, you scroll through a grid of products that could include everything from Beats by Dr. Dre, awall-mounted fishbowl, a Helmut Lang maxi skirt, a waxed canvas lunch bag andBreaking Bad-themed art prints. We explained the idea behind the site last year, when it was just getting started.

Bloomberg recently reported that The Fancy had raised $53 million at a valuation of $600 million from investors including American Express and Will Smith, and that the company was doing $3 million in revenue a month. At the time, Om wrote that the company has been part of the trend toward the “Pinterest-ization of the web,” where companies use design to influence what we buy and how we think about their items, and where consumers buy things based on social interactions and suggestions from friends and followers online.

So why would a company like The Fancy care about same-day shipping? There’s been a flood of recent interest in the idea of same-day delivery as a key differentiator for e-commerce companies. Farhad Manjoo wrote for Slate recently about the glories of Google’s same-day shipping when you don’t plan ahead, or when you run out of something like toilet paper — there are times when tomorrow just won’t cut it. And there’s no question that fast shipping through Amazon Prime has helped the e-commerce giant dominate the retail market, as Om pointed out in a recent post.

For The Fancy, it’s obviously not about delivering you toilet paper when you need it. The company isn’t selling “must-have” items (unless you forgot someone’s birthday.) Instead, it’s more about convincing you to take the plunge on that Helmut Lang skirt — and assuring you that if you do, it’ll be in your hands as quickly as it would be if you ran over to Barney’s to pick one up yourself.

We’ll be talking about the impact of design on commerce and technology at ourRoadMap conference in November 2013, which you can sign up to get information on when tickets become available this summer.

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How Sandy-Related PR Nightmare Cost Startup Uber $100,000 In A Day

Taxis are hard to get in NYC right now.

Uber, a company that makes an app you can use to summon a private cab, had to deal with an extremely messy situation in New York yesterday. Now it’s having to deal with obnoxious punditry. Let’s hit yesterday first.

Because the subways were (and basically still are) out, Uber’s black car drivers were in huge demand. To get the drivers to pick up Uber customers, Uber had to start paying them 2X their normal rate. At first, Uber passed this rate increase onto its customers through a program it calls “surge pricing.” But then customers and reporters started complaining, saying that Uber was “price gouging” in the middle of a disaster.

So, while continuing to pay drivers 2X their normal rate, Uber started charging customers 1X the normal rate. This act of generosity (and, let’s be honest, PR damage control) cost Uber about $100,000. 

So what did Uber get for its expensive pains? A nasty column from PandoDaily’s Paul Carr is what. About 12 hours ago he wrote: “As NY floods, “Robin Hood” Uber robs from the rich and… Nope, that’s about it.”  The URL for his column is: “http://pandodaily.com/2012/10/31/assholes-shrug/” It’s unfortunate.  $100,000 is a lot of money for a still young startup trying to gain its footing. (A week ago, Carr wrote a column about how Uber CEO Travis Kalanick has a reckless fascination with disrupting government regulation. Carr mocked Kalanick’s alleged obsession with Ayn Rand. That’s all fair and a separate issue. Kalanick should be more respectful of some government regulation. Rand is terrible.)

Unless Carr is mailing a check, Uber obviously can’t afford to keep losing so much money. So today, Uber announced that it will return to surge pricing, but will not keep any of its normal fees. In a candid blog post, co-signed by the entire Uber New York team, he company said: “For those needing a ride this week, it’s going to be expensive.”

Kudos for the honesty despite certain backlash from critics a thousand miles away.

Here’s the whole blog post:

First and foremost, we hope that you and your family and friends are safe. The Uber NYC office is currently closed and some of our team members are without water and power.

With limited public transportation, demand for Uber rides is astronomically high. That means we’re working to get as many drivers out as possible to help New Yorkers get around the city. So, in order to maximize the number of drivers on the system yesterday, we started paying drivers 2x the fare on all trips – and in the meantime charging riders the standard 1x fare avoiding surge pricing for most of the day after Sandy. Doubling drivers’ fares tripled the number of cars on the road and kept them out there far longer. However, footing the bill for higher driver costs came at a significant expense to Uber with over $100,000 in additional payments to drivers in a single day – something we can’t continue indefinitely without breaking the bank.

So while we were mostly able to avoid higher prices the day after Sandy, the reality is that under this week’s extreme conditions, raising the price is the only sustainable way to maximize the number of rides and minimize the number of people stranded – by providing a meaningful incentive for drivers to come out in undesirable conditions.

Later this morning we will be reverting back to standard Surge Pricing for riders. It is a hard decision, but one we feel strongly about. Without raising the price, there will be less than ½ the number of drivers on the system with several times more demand on far fewer drivers. Without Surge Pricing, Uber would become essentially unusable this week. For those needing a ride this week, it’s going to be expensive; there will be a clear pricing notification in the app at the time of request. During this emergency price increase, Uber will waive all of its own fees with 100% of the fare going directly to the drivers helping New Yorkers move around the city.

You can read more about Surge Pricing on our blog: http://blog.uber.com/2012/03/14/clear-and-straight-forward-surge-pricing/

Our thoughts and prayers are with all New Yorkers in this time of crisis. We’re going to do everything we can to continue to provide the most reliable, efficient transportation option for NYC. Be safe, and stay Uber. 

The Uber NYC Team

Josh, Andrew, Ed, Kyle and Nicole in Manhattan,

Jeremy in Brooklyn,

Betty in Queens

and Cait in The Bronx


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Luxurious Penthouse in NYC with great views

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again…THIS is the type of apartment I dream of living in.

This is what you get when you take a 5,000 square foot space and give it to the architects Beyer Blinder Belle and Costas Kondylis – an exclusive five bedroom duplex penthouse located in New York. This apartment is evidence that Manhattan is definitely the most coquette and chic place to be. Nearby Central Park, in a residential skyscraper  called Park Laurel, this apartment has stunning 360 degrees views of  Manhattan’s architectural horizon! I guess it’s awesomeness justifies the $26.5 million sale price

High ceilings, large windows and an exquisite selection of elements of décor adorn this place, giving to it a vibrant touch of elegance. A subtle choice of neutral colors, the smart mix of glass reflecting the outside view, elements of contemporary art, and an imposing fireplace are just some of the incredible aspects in this dream home. Besides the incredible precise care towards details, the central and the accurate furniture alignments, everything seems dramatically extended: from ceilings to the panoramic sight of NYC. Here is a testimonial of a broker that knows this property very well:

“This trophy property offers luxury at every turn and jaw dropping 360 degree park & skyline views from every window.”

via Luxurious Penthouse in the City of Fascination, NYC.

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Electric Beach at Santos NYC

Looks like I’m DJing with Sebastian Drums this Saturday in NYC.

Electric Beach is a weekly Saturday Night EDM Party at Santos Party House in Downtown NY. Each week they bring in major and up-and-coming EDM Producers from all around the world. This weekend, they are bringing me.

International DJ Sebastien Drums is no stranger to live performances. He is best known for his mega-hit “My Feelings For You,” coproduced by the infamous Avicii. I will be supporting Sebastian as well as premiering 2 of my new singles that will be released in 2013. Check out our recent mixes below in this Joonbug article.

Sebastien Drums and Chad Stark To Headline Electric Beach.

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