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YouTube Cofounder Steve Chen’s Penthouse for Sale

steve chen youtube penthouse

Gotta love those techies.

YouTube co-founder Steve Chen has listed his penthouse inside the Ritz Carlton Residences (equipped with 24/7 concierge and a gym) in San Francisco for $8 million, according to The Wall Street Journal. Complete with a fully furnished roof deck, the two-story, 3,063-square-foot pad has two-bedrooms and 2.5 baths. Chen spent 21 months working with architect Joel Sander to turn the condo into a “tech lovers dream home,” including installing a glass wall between the master bedroom and bath that turns from clear to frosted at the touch of a button, according to Curbed SF.

Chen purchased the pad in 2007 for $4.85 million, when it was “just an empty shell,” according to the WSJ. The living room has a large sectional and a bar for entertaining, but Chen said his “favorite part of the home” were the 3 TVs located here. My favorite part is the minimalistic kitchen with beautiful white and wood accents and walls. His office with blue accents is pretty baller as well. Chen is selling this amazing place because he just has a 2nd child and his family needs more space. Check out the photo tour below!

The Ritz Front Entrance

Welcome to the Ritz Carlton Residences in downtown San Francisco.

Chen purchased the pad in 2007 for $4.85 million, when it was

The living room has three TVs, which Chen said were his

Chen is selling because he just had a second child, and his family needs more space.

The kitchen is very minimalistic with its combination of white and wood accents and walls.

This room has a very serene vibe to it.

The living room is a prime spot for entertaining. With a large sectional and a bar, there's plenty of places for your guests to sit.

We love the lighting and the fireplace in this room.

With the purchase of the residence comes access to the hotel's 24/7 concierge service.

The high ceilings really open the place up.

The home incorporates a lot of wood into the design.

The master bedroom has views of the south. And in the master bath, there are lava-rock floors.

The roof deck is fully furnished.

The apartment has views of the San Francisco Bay, the East Bay, Twin Peaks and Nob Hill.

You also have access to the hotel's gym.

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Animal Prints Are So Hot Right Now

Animal Print carpeting is freaking awesome. I just moved into a 1 bedroom apartment in New York City and installed the beautiful STARK design Antilocarpa in Silver for my bedroom. Below is a picture of it.

STARK has some cool animal prints in our collection. This pattern truely represents a bachelor pad, but others can be used in different parts of your home for different purposes. Check out this post from Meg White of Meg White Interiors to learn more about accenting your home with animal print area rugs, runners, and pillows.

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So you just like sell carpet?


Many of my friends from all over the place have recently been asking me what I’m up to. When I tell them where I work or what I’m actually doing (I’m still working on my personal elevator pitch), this is the typical response I get:

“Wait, so you just like sell carpet?”

“Just like sell carpet?” HA. I’ve learned many things from 3 weeks of full-time employment in the home goods industry, but a realization I have daily is that most people my age (college students and young professionals) have ZERO appreciation for high-end carpets and fabrics. But why should they? This attitude is perfectly reasonable because when have we ever had to buy something nice besides work clothes for our internship? As my girls at DSI helped teach me, interior design and home furnishing is an art – “Fashion for the home” as I like to say. Truth is that until you have to decorate your living space with something you DON’T plan on trashing, it COULDN’T MATTER LESS what design and material is under your feet. This needs to change.

Why is an Hermes bag sexier than a silk contemporary rug when the elite feeling and high price tag are the same? I had the pleasure of attending an event at the prestigious international rug artist Jan Kath’s NY gallery after the ICFF on Monday (which was awesome btw), and how can you tell me this rug isn’t sexy? As someone who thinks he’s good at marketing and branding, I am making it my mission to educate Generation Y on how sexy (I love that word right now) this industry is. The entire industry – not just Stark – needs to work together to show young people how cool we really are.

And as to whether I, “just like sell carpets” you tell me. Does someone at Hermes “just like sell bags?” Come on people. Once I figure out how to express my job description in words, you’ll see it on here. Stay tuned.

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